Nest Testimonials
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The customer testimonial might be one of the most venerable weapons in the marketer’s arsenal, yet it remains one of the most effective – even in this era of online video production.

After all, your target audience would expect you to blow your own trumpet with every last ounce of gusto. But for someone to give it a hearty toot on your behalf… well, that’s a whole different rumba.

Such mangled musical metaphors lead us to the true subject of today’s nugget of video production news, namely the brand new film produced by us on behalf of Nest Daycare.

The film is intended to promote Nest’s Child Daycare facility, a comprehensive program for children ages 1 month to 3 years that entails early childhood education, after school care, and additional services that meet the basic needs of children, and also promote good development.

The approach we took to achieving that aim was a testimonials-led narrative. Providing those testimonials were actual families and parents who have benefitted from the daycare.

Nest Testimonials
Nest Daycare
Jalal Janjua
Ajmal Abbas
Faisal Bashir
Nest Daycare, Rawalpindi